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Who We Are


We Are NERDS!!!

and very very proud of it ­čÖé

The only thing you need to know about who we are is that we are a team of 4 human beings, 1 canine, 1 amphibian, and 1 blood sucking vending machine.

  1. We have FUN when we work
  2. We take a very serious and scientific approach to how we run our social campaigns
  3. We focus on the raw and dirty ROI
  4. We prefer to get our customers a 3 to 1 return (when you spend $1 we shoot to get you $3 back)
  5. Number 5 is…well…number 5 because we know that 5 is a solid, legitimate, and psychologically sound number to end things on

There, you happy now?

Anything else you want to know about us?

If so, click on this button (like a good person who listens to instructions) and ask us directly what you want to know. ┬áHave you heard the age old adage “ask and ye shall receive” ? Well, ask!

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