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Where did the edit occur in this image?

If you’re on this page, it’s because you’re a little more intrigued at what you’ve seen so far.  Assuming you liked what you saw on the home page, then ventured to our “about us” page…now you’re here to be even MORE nosy with who we be and whether or not we’re credible.

Uhhhh….hell yes, we’re credible!

We got you this far didn’t we 😉

Also, you probably didn’t know but at this point, we’re watching your every move!!!  We’ve got you tracked by Google Analytics, we’re using Google Tag Manager to make it simpler to go deeper into the recesses of your behavior on our site, and we also dropped a cookie on your forehead with several retargeting pixels, from our Google Display Network (GDN) pixel to our every growing and ridiculously dangerous (and played out) Facebook pixel. Boom sucka! Wah wah


Yes, we’re super serious.

This is what we do.

We target, we study, we pixel, we test, we write, we deploy, people contact us back, we talk, they talk, they take their wallets out, and our bank manager asks us “What do you guys do again?”

It’s that simple.

Did you and your bank manager need help dancing?

SMH 🙁 *facepalm*


You should know by now that we’re a digital marketing agency specializing in optimizing social engagements to sell products and get ideal customers to purchase from our clients.

Easy peasy!


I hope your fetish for being nosy has been satisfied!!

Hit us up if you want to make a lot of money and give us a portion of that mula too.

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