A New Approach To Curing World Poverty

I know I know, when it comes to charity do we REALLY know where the money goes?

When we in the office hear the word “fundraising” we cringe because its often connected to the persona of political campaigns.  I’m sure that’s not a fair assessment and judgement to make but regardless, as Anik stated there has been over 500 billion dollars of collected charitable donations.  For what? For who?

Anik does an incredible job breaking down a simple math equation on how we can possibly contribute to world poverty.

What does email marketing have to do with world poverty?

Anik, is considered a Master of Success because he’s a hardworking hustler that does millions of dollars online, then he turns around and gives speeches like this.

Albeit, a clear marketing ploy, its still amazing to see an extremely successful online marketer speak with such eloquence about the nature of world poverty.


Apparently, he and others have schools they’ve built for the various communities in 3rd world countries.

Their solution is to “help people to fish”

Teach them how to think and encourage them to be and do the best.

If that isn’t admirable, then I don’t know what is.


If you want to learn more about Anik’s desire to end poverty through building schools, click here to find out more

Anik started what is called “For All Our Good” as a way to tap into his heart for the world and for making a difference on a global scale.

FOR ALL OUR GOOD is a self-sustainable, non-profit organization that envisions a world where every child has the opportunity to flourish and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

This is certainly an inspiring man, and more than that, an inspiring vision.

And for this reason, he is our “Master of Success” #1 🙂

Who do you find  as inspiring?